The Utah Association of Social Security Lawyers was formed to provide information to the consumer of experienced Social Security Attorneys licensed by the Utah State Bar.  The disabled client is at a loss to determine which on line provider of disability services to choose.  The attorneys in the UASSL have been licensed by the State of Utah for at least ten years, have handled at least one hundred Social Security hearings, and have been elected to membership in this organization.  Membership cannot be bought.

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Why have a Utah attorney?  You need to meet with your attorney before the hearing.  You need to speak to the attorney face-to-face.  You want an attorney who practices before the Utah judges day in, day out; year in, year out.  Why an experienced attorney? You want an attorney who didn’t graduate from law school yesterday and has only started in this unique area of practice and is now learning at your expense.

While we cannot guarantee success in your individual case, we can give you assurance that the attorneys who are members of this organization are licensed in the State of Utah and have been for a decade.


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